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I want to improve my art :)

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 19, 2017, 8:41 AM

Show me some great tutorials... 
I don't think my art is good enough for anything really. :/ 

Also new journal skin :)

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Halloween commission sale :)

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 19, 2017, 4:07 AM
Hello everyone
My commissions are open 

I will offer £50 off for the full realistic art 

PayPal only

Here is my info with original prices. 
I offer speedpaint as well if you are interested on how I do your art.

Commission Info 2017 by Jei-Dinofelini

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Follow me on Twitter for updates

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 18, 2017, 11:28 AM

My Twitter account.
Follow me there as I am more active on it than here. :) 

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I got a bad burn on my right hand...

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 16, 2017, 5:01 PM
Few hours ago I had an 'argument' with a jar full of boiling hot water which resulted in all water spilling on my right hand...
it hurts a lot and I don't know what to do.... 
I put some hell on it but it made it worse when it was fresh...

im trying to keep it dry as it hurts less. 
I hope I won't end up with  big scar or with a huge blister all over my hand and fingers o.o 

my skin is all cracked up and look like reptile scales now O.o

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Check out my twitter for WIPS and more!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 16, 2017, 2:29 PM
Hi everyone

I decided to come back to twitter.
I will be using it to post WIPs, sketches and many other exclusive things which I will not post on deviant art.

Check me out and follow me on

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Happy birthday to me

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 11, 2017, 5:17 AM
It's my birthday guys...


Where is my cake? =^.^= ♡

Small Flash animation project

Journal Entry: Fri May 12, 2017, 4:38 PM
Everytime i try to do some big project I never finish it.
So I have decided to do something smaller and more realistic.

The animation I will be making is of an extinct sabertooth roaring.
Creating the scenery as realistic as Flash will let me with the movement.
For background I will use Paint Tool Said and Photoshop. 

To edit the whole thing I may use either Premiere Elements of After Effects depending on complexity with the blue/green screen.

Here is one of the frames which could give you an idea on how it may look like.

At the moment the movements are very rigid and robotic as it is just a Base movement before I add more and then final line work.   
I may use tweets as well.
So far just frame by frame 
Duplicate and move
Then edit each frame

It is a long process if I want it to be realistic movement wise. 
I have never animated a sabertooth before so we will see how it will go.
Excuse me for the weird neck. The head has been twisted few times which results in awkward lines. This will be corrected in the final. As I have said all the lines are just bases. 

After I am done I will post a video of the final and all the progress at each stage to show you how it's done.

Small animations like there are easier than a full movie or whatever is on my mind. 
I know I will not be able to finish such big project on my own so better start with something small instead. 

Which phone you own?

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 11, 2017, 2:11 AM

I'm planning to make phone cases with my designs and I was just wondering which phones are most popular here on DA

I could always invest in the cases for newest iphone or Samsung but I doubt that many people have those

So tell me which model you have? :D

Attack on Titan series 2

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 3, 2017, 2:14 PM
Finally the first episode has been released.
It got me really hyped up about the series.
I cant wait for the next episode :D

Deviant for near 9 years

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 13, 2017, 3:07 AM
It's been such long time ago since I have joined DA
I am quite proud of myself for keeping on one account and not making a new one every year due to changing my name all the time etc... 

So much have changed over all these years. 
Looking back at my old art in storage really does bring back some good memories.
I may do a big slides how to show my progress on how I became the person I am now.
It could inspire some younger artists that they too will become great if they never give up drawing.
I may not be professional but I do see a big progress of myself. If I have met the current self 9 years ago I would never believe that I actually drew my works. 
Even now, when I look at it I sometimes do feel that way.
Sometimes the art which I drew and hated on the day I posted, I actually like now. 
I keep changing my mind.
No idea why.

I am still working on my new website with my own domain. 
Keep a look out.
It's coming soon!

When it's done I will work on my private business then. 
Hopefully it will be successful. 

Wish me luck coz I need all the luck I can get haha

See ya!

I collect llama badges:)

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 3, 2017, 4:49 PM
No really I do. :)
Hopefully I can have all variations someday. 

If there even is a limit... XD 

Sudden premium membership o.o

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 28, 2017, 4:23 PM
I just logged in on DA and shows that I have 3 months premium yet in the morning it was 3 days or so.
I see no notification that it was given to me so maybe it was automated billing.
Did not set up anything.
Maybe I did long time ago but forgot. 

If it was someone who gave it to me anonymously, thank you whoever you are. 
You are so kind. 

Getting new laptop... soon (advice plz)

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 27, 2017, 2:22 PM
Hey guys.

I am thinking of getting a new laptop but I am not quite sure if it's possible to format it and install windows 7.
I really dislike windows 8 and 10 and really I do not want it as my default system even after formatting it. 

The one I have is getting slower and slower. I cant work on it the way I used to. 
The only way to solve it is getting the new thing. 
I will not get a mac book as all my softwares are PC version so it's all out of question.  

Im not sure WHEN I will be getting the new laptop.  Most likely in couple of months or maybe until next year. Who knows. 
That's OK.  I can still use the old one for now. 
I just need to keep it simple. 

Or maybe....
Is it possible to take out the hard drive of my current laptop and put it into the new one to keep everything without transferring all my stuff? 
I really don't want to go through all the hassle. 
Also that bloody windows 8 or 10 issue.. don't want to go through that either. 
I want to keep using Windows 7 until it's unusable etc.  

Let me know your thoughts on this....

I am close to done with the first draft of my website.
I will publish it soon.

I cant wait :) 

Pokemon GO

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 1:19 AM
So few weeks ago after one update where people claimed that their accounts were lost and had to start over due to a certain update I found out that someone is using my username on the game.
I tried making a new account and typed Jei-Dinofelini as my name and it said that it is not available. It made me rather mad about this. Why would someone take MY username on the game?
So warning.
Is anyone sees Jei-Dinofelini in the games either on the Pokestops or Gyms. This is NOT me.
I have a different username. 
I tried making this account few weeks back as I thought that my account was lost but it wasn't.  The issue was that after that certain update the game just logged you out and you just had to log in again. That's all.

The new update which was recently released is awesome.
You can set any Pokemon as your walking buddy and earn the candy to evolve them.
I am finally able to evolve the rare Pokemon which I cannot catch or find....

I find kind of weird....
With the rarity of certain Pokemon. 
They say that Dratini is rare yet I see more than one spawn near my house and once it was in my house lol.  
Eevee or growlithe or whatever they are I think uncommon or common I don't remember. They are literally extinct here..   I go for miles and days and hardly ever see any of them in my sightings.... it's kind of frustrating...
So this feature has given me some hope now. If I turn on the game everyone I go out I will earn some required candy for evolution. I am in the process of walking Vulpix. I saw it only once and was lucky enough to find and catch it... 

I really like Ninetales.  It was always one of my favourite since childhood. I really want to get it. Screw the Dragonite. I can catch enough Dratini in my area. No need to walk them. XD

So umm...
Who else plays the game?
Here in UK people are obsessed with it lol 

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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 11, 2016, 3:44 PM
Thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday.

sadly no cake this year but it's ok.
i had a great time with my mom.

spent the whole day with her.

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My birthday is TOMORROW!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 10, 2016, 2:59 AM
I am turning 24 tomorrow.
how cool is that?

i hope I will get some cake this year.
also my mother randomly comes to Uk for 2-3 days.
this was UNEXPECTED. 
Serius talk here.

she always wanted me to come to her now she comes to me. Better as I don't like going to Poland anymore. It's just boring.... DX I prefer to be home!

i hope I will get a very nice cake and some good sushi. That's all what I ask for :)

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LOOK!: Fossils which I found and gemstones I own.

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 2:55 PM

I have a quite BIG gemstone and mineral collection on one of my shelves
This is an updated version of my collection since I got more minerals few days ago
here it is:…

The fossils on the very front (the black pieces) were actually found by ME when I went fishing with my grandfather. 

Here are some pictures of them so you can see what kind of fossils they are:

On the right is a fossilized seed + some plant stems and on the right is either a fossilized scale or some kind of plant such as cactus -…

Here is a very well preserved fossil of a plant. If you can't tell where it it, look on the right bottom corner. You will see the fancy shaped leaves. -…

A very well preserved fossil of many plants clustered together. My guess is that these plants used to be growing along the river bank or lake and later they ended up being covered with mud due to over flood or something. Over time they turned into a fossil.
I might be wrong though. Here is the picture:…

I have NO idea what that is... Either it is a part of a fossil or a strange rock formation. I have found few pieces such as this but got severely damaged during the transportation. I had quite a lot of trouble with putting it together since I had few 'copies' of this one and finding the right piece was a challenge. Many fossils got so damaged that they are just impossible to put together. I still have the bag full of grain and severely damaged fossils. But yeah.. If anyone knows what that is please tell me. I would be very much grateful if you did help me out identifying this one for me:…

This fossil is a quite interesting one! At first I thought that it was a rock formation as well but when I looked closely I noticed many grains of fossilized wood. My guess is that this is a part of big plant which ended up fossilized. I could not find any more pieces similar to this one on the site. 
Here is the pic:…

Speaking of bigger fossil pieces, I did find a HUGE one! It was so big that it would not fit a typical shopping bag. It had many fossilized plants on it. I really wanted to get it but it was too heavy and too big.. I tried breaking a piece but it was no use. The rock was WAY TOO HARD. It may be a fossilized mud which can be easily broken since its very layered but that piece was just invincible Dx. I had to leave it behind..... I did take a picture but I forgot to upload it. It is now forever lost since it was on my laptop before it was sent away to fix it. As you all know, my original hard drive was confiscated. don't ask.

All these fossils were found in Poland (south).
There was a huge hill full full of coal, fossilized mud and other types of rock. It was all dumped at a lake shore which me and my grandfather stayed at when we went fishing. Me as usual was bored, decided to explore and look around the hill full of treasure XD I found all this in one day and the fossils displayed on my shelf are just the best pieces of all. Most of them are  severely damaged and are now impossible to stick together.. its nothing but grain, sand and broken down pieces, big and small.....

That is all folks!
I hope you all enjoyed looking at these pictures! I will make a video slide show of my minerals soon so you can take a closer look at them all :D

see you!

Skin by DinofelizC

✧ دينوفليز ✧ دنوفایلز ✧ Dinofeliz ✧ Динофелиз ✧ ディノフェリズ ✧

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What does DinofelizC mean (username explanantion)

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 17, 2014, 6:16 AM

Have you ever wondered why my username is DinofelizC?
Some of you would think that its a name of a dinosaur because it has 'dino' in it...
Well you are wrong! Its a cat.
A sabre-toothed cat to be more precise.

Dinofelis was a prehistoric sabre tooth belonging to the Machairodontinae family (true sabre tooths) classified to the Metailurini (sometimes known as Dinofelini) subfamily (or Tribe). It was a leopard sized sabre tooth with short sabre teeth. Like most sabre toothed cats Dinofelis was a very heavily built cat (at the front) which suggested that it was an ambush predator. It lived in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America at at least 5 to about 1.2 million years. (early Pliocene to Early Pleistocene)

Sometimes Dinofelis is classified as a false sabre tooth (nimravid) because of its short and flattened sabre  teeth as seen in most Nimravids such as Nimravus, Dinictis, Quercylurus, but also there are some true sabre tooths with flattened teeth such as Metailurus (previously classified to the Nimravinae subfamily) Homotherium (a scimitar sabre tooth, belongs to Homotherini Tribe in Machairodontinae family along with Machairodus and Nimravides)

There are  8 known species of Dinofelis:

D. aronoki (East Africa) recently split from D. barlowi
D. barlowi (South Africa)
D. cristata (china) includes D.abeli
D.darti (South Africa)
D.diastemata (europe)
D. paleoonca (north America)
D. petteri (East Africa)
D. piveteaui (south africa)

Now you know what Dinofelis is...

In the past my fav Machairodon was Smilodon.
Ever since I saw many prehistoric documentaries including ONLY Smilodon I got bored of that cat.
After watching Walking With Beasts I instantly fell in love with Dinofelis barlowi.
I wanted to know more about this cat so I did some research....
A while later I knew what I wanted to know.....
I came across with different species of Dinofelis....  
During this research two names caught my attention Dinofelis cristata and Dinofelis diastemata.
Two of them sound really interesting and unique...
For some reason Dinofelis cristata sounded better on my tongue and decided to use it as my username and alias I go by everywhere.

The only reason why I called myself DinofelizC is because I wanted to sound a bit more unique. the letter 'z' instead of a 's' really does look good in the name Dinofelis (Dinofeliz now) and the C letter also adds up to the uniqueness. (We all know what does the C letter mean)

So this is the meaning behind my username...

Skin by DinofelizC

✧ دينوفليز ✧ دنوفایلز ✧ Dinofeliz ✧ Динофелиз ✧ ディノフェリズ ✧